Tears, ‘lies’ and ‘homophobia’: Fresher fair row continues

At this week’s freshers fair, the women’s campaign went head-to-head with anti-choice group, Cambridge Students for Life

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A fiery anti-abortion exchange at the Freshers’ Fair is continuing to court controversy.

The spat between pro-life group Cambridge Students for Life (CSFL) and CUSU Women’s Campaign began with an accusation of what Women’s Officer Amelia Horgan described as a “homophobic personal attack” on a woman at the stall.

Not happy

CSFL denies these claims, saying the woman involved “deliberately misinterpreted” the comment to discredit the group.

CSFL warnings of legal action and accusations of bullying clashed with apparently “aggressive” pro-choice leafleters.

Horgan told The Tab that many students showed solidarity with the Women’s Campaign and were thankful for the campaign’s stance.

She said: “Our concern during the societies fair was to ensure that all students were warned about their presence, and to defend the Women’s Campaign’s commitment to bodily autonomy and reproductive justice.”

The Women’s Campaign posted trigger warning signs around the fair and were on hand to listen to anyone who were upset by CSFL’s stall.

At least you can’t fault them on their catchy phrases…

Meanwhile, CSFL ripped into what they call “absolutely disgraceful behaviour” from Women’s Campaign supporters.

Accusations poured out of CSFL talking to The Tab: “They stole our leaflets and stationery, blockaded our stall, lied about their identity, broke CUSU regulations.

A female volunteer returned home in tears after a day of bullying from the Women’s Campaign.”

 Crying over spilt milk? Should CSFL have even been allowed at the Fair? You decide.