10 Films For Those Questioning Love

It’s a dark Sunday, you are halfway through your MIMS revision, and you doubt that love ever existed. NATALIA MOLINA-HARNO talks you through the films capable of restoring the faith…

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We’ve all been there. Your friend begged you to wing-woman her, and, lacking the energy to come up with an excuse you put together a clubby look and hit the road.

You know as soon as you step through the door that it’s going to be one of those nights. One of those nights where you’re not quite drunk enough and all you see is a gyrating mass of hormone-fueled creatures. You wish you didn’t smell the fart in the air or see that guy’s boner jutting up under his furry tiger onesie. Everyone is getting with everyone…it looks like one massive orgy-themed round of musical chairs.

A romantic first kiss under a moonlit sky has become a thing of the past, nowadays it seems all you can hope for is an ass pat (rather than a grab) and for “Somewhere only we know” (not “Blurred Lines”) to be playing when you decide to get your groove on with your sweaty dance partner. In the words of the Black Eyed Peas, “Where is the love?”.

Where are those foot pop kisses, those guys that will climb up your fire escape to rescue you from a life of prostitution (or an essay), those relationships that last a lifetime? Though in reality finding this kind of love may still remain as likely as a unicorn leaping through your window right now and giving you a kiss on the cheek, the following movies might just help renew your faith that true love is out there, just maybe not in Cindies.

Love Actually
Every girl wants the object of her affections to run through an airport, cops in hot pursuit, to say one last goodbye. Bad boy+Lover boy? Done.

The age-old classic, “We’ll always have Paris” never gets old. And because sometimes great love doesn’t mean happiness.

The Intouchables
A different kind of love, sure, but all the more touching. The growing love affair between the two friends is ridiculously beautiful. Arm yourself with a pack of tissues, or twenty.

Pretty Woman
Yes, we’ve all seen it, yes it’s cliched. But that doesn’t prevent it from being wonderful: is is the princess story for the modern age.

Before Sunset
Oh for a love that wants more from you than lovin’. In this movie a man and a woman fall in love through pure conversation. You won’t be able to help but wish you’d meet someone like this when you go on a train.

Pride and Prejudice
Not the Keira Knightley one, the 6 hour one. Yes it’s commitment but how hot does Colin Firth look in a wet shirt?

Finding Nemo
Not your stereotypical romance, but how beautiful are Dory’s words to Nemo: “When I’m with you, I’m home”. The basis of every long-lasting, true love.

Some like it Hot
Because Marilyn is always delightful, from that walk, to her rendition of “I wanna be loved by you”, and because in the end she wants the man she loves, regardless of his social standing or wealth.

The Breakfast Club
Simply because you’ve always dreamed of your guy raising his fist to the sky in victory because he got YOU.

Walk the Line
Not only is the music awesome, but seeing how June and Johnny fall in and out of love and friendship and ultimately get married, is hauntingly beautiful.

So there you have it! Get watching and, for God’s sake, try feel the love.