How to pull in the library

The ultimate study guide

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Going the distance…

Long-distance relationships in Cambridge

The Lovedoc investigates: Long-distance at uni

Doomed or adorable?

Baewatch: Where to find the love of your life in Cambridge

Scientifically proven success (maybe)

Are you too Cambridge for Cambridge?


I regret screwing up someone’s long distance relationship

Don’t be that guy. That guy, on being on the worst side of a bad break-up

Is sex really all that satisfying?

“Coito ergo sum” is a no from me amirite

Bring on uni, the summer has ruined my sex life

I flew the nest for a reason

Let’s talk about sex, babe

People have sex, get over it.

I was in an abusive relationship and I didn’t realise

You can get out too.

Yes, I will keep up my long-distance relationship in Cambridge

Lose your cynicism, people. Long-distance relationships can work.

DMCs need to die now

Do us a favour

The perils of polyamory

Everyone assumes that every sexual encounter you have is an orgy. They’re right

A Fresher’s Guide to Not Falling In Love

Virginia Vagina: Why is everyone so hot?

VIRGINIA VAGINA solves all your sex problems. This week: is it okay for your attentions to wander?

Tab Guide to sleeping with…

MISS D lets you know how to pull the man/woman of your dreams this May Week.

Dr Dick: Don’t be a fucking creep

DR DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he deals with a complete creep with delusions of romance.

Elly Booth – I fancy you

ELLY BOOTH really fancies you. Or at least she wishes she did. Cuz that would be more exciting.

What I’m doing on Valentine’s Day

Will you be kissing on King’s Parade or whisking up a gourmet meal for one? Find out what our team are up to on this pink-frilled day…

Dr Dick: I Need Somebody To Love

DR. DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he tells a lonely heart how to find love.