10 Films For Those Questioning Love

It’s a dark Sunday, you are halfway through your MIMS revision, and you doubt that love ever existed. NATALIA MOLINA-HARNO talks you through the films capable of restoring the faith…

5 Movies of Summer

JOHANNES RUCKSTUHL previews your cinematic post-exam entertainment.

Mark Liu: Week 4

Relationships are like Civilization 5 and should be stuck to on a one-year contractual basis. Yes, it’s the mathmo’s answer to Dr Phil: MARK is back.

Wreck-It Ralph

Disclaimer: this is not a Pixar film. But it’s still got some charm, writes ALEX KEMP.

Despicable Me

An army of minions doing slapstick humour make Steve Carell’s latest, well, despicable for DOMINIC KEEN.