Fez Survives a Flattening

Plans to close Fez have fallen flat, after the council said they weren’t justified.

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Students can breathe a sigh of relief, as proposals to turn Fez into flats were rejected by Cambridge city council yesterday.

There had been plans to convert the Moroccan-themed joint into 12 apartments, but the council said that closing it was not warranted because its location is not suited to residential accommodation.

The council also acknowledged that Cambridge’s provision of nightclubs is already relatively meagre, with the only other options being Ballare and The Place, as Lola Lo and Revolution could be considered late-night bars.

They said: “Cambridge has a population of approximately 127,000 people, including approximately 27,000 resident students.

“It is therefore important that Cambridge continues to provide a vibrant centre to serve students and young people who may want to use these types of facilities”.

Eclectic Bars, which runs Fez, said the club was a “unique local facility” and that the local economy would be negatively affected if it closed down, as it directly employs 41 people and attracts a diverse range of partygoers.

Fez is considered by most to be the least mainstream choice for a night out and many students had feared that they’d never be able to escape the once novel, but now generally tiresome, cheesiness of Cindies.

The Tab’s John Bardsley, a fervent Fez fan who can be found in the club most weeks, voiced his pleasure on hearing the verdict: “Yay! Today is a glorious day. The cloud of uncertainty has been lifted to reveal a beautiful landscape of beats and bass”.