Natalie Gil

Natalie Gil


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Interview: Alan Rusbridger

Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger talks to NATALIE GIL about tabloids, liberal stereotypes and journalism’s uncertain future.

Review: Harry Potter Formal

Great food and owls(!) helped Features Editor NATALIE GIL have a magical evening at Homerton’s Harry Potter Formal.

Interview: Hugh Bonneville

Downton Abbey star HUGH BONNEVILLE is evidence that prioritising acting over academia at Cambridge can pay off. He talks to NATALIE GIL.

Best Dressed: Selwyn Snowball

For many, the highlight of any ball is how everyone was dressed. The Tab was there to pick out the best…

Selwyn Promises a Show (without shemales)

After Selwyn Snowball’s ‘.com’ address gave us all TMI, the REAL ball will showcase TMD, after tickets sell out in record time.

Cyber Attacker Charged

A man has been charged for multiple offences related to hacking Cambridge University computers.

Interview: Robert Harris

Best-selling novelist and former journalist ROBERT HARRIS tells NATALIE GIL what it’s like working with Roman Polanski, how he insulted Prince Phillip, and why he wishes The Tab was around when he was at Cambridge.

Fez Survives a Flattening

Plans to close Fez have fallen flat, after the council said they weren’t justified.

Duke and Duchess IN Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are coming to… Cambridge, for their first visit as a married couple.

Santas to Dash for Cash

Students clothed in “Christmassy” costumes will run around Cambridge to raise money for worthy causes.

‘BuyMyFace’ pair get Sn-app Happy

The Cantabs who spent a year selling their faces as ad space have embarked on a new digital project.

Interview: Hadley Freeman

The Guardian’s HADLEY FREEMAN tells us why America can’t let Romney win, why she rejected her first Guardian job offer, and how to dress for a supervision when you’ve written an abysmal essay.

Selwyn Showballs and more

Students have been shocked – and many horrified – when innocently searching for the Selwyn Snowball website.

Farsity Trip? Ski tickets STILL on sale

Nine days after general release, there are STILL Varsity Ski Trip tickets left.

Cantab Catalogues Shocking Sexism

A Cambridge graduate has attracted media attention after publishing an online account of her experiences of sexism and misogyny at work.

Cambridge Rejects Report Cards

Cambridge has shunned the chance to give graduates the new Higher Education Achievement Report.

Cambridge Entrepreneurs on a Quest for Success

Cambridge’s student entrepreneurs are about to compete for £50,000.

Females Forced out of Physics, Says Professor

A Cambridge physics professor has bemoaned the lack of women studying A-level physics.

Cambridge Admissions in Great State

Cambridge’s state school intake hits 30 year high.

Economist On Top Thanks To Million Pound Drop

A Cambridge student has conquered the Million Pound Drop.

Ballsy Student Burglar Behind Bars

A burglar who targeted Cambridge colleges has been jailed and banned from Cambridge for life.

Marking Mad

Serious errors in the marking of second year NatScis have resulted in grades changing by up to two classes.