The Tab Do Doxbridge Part 3: The Finale

In the final instalment, the Tab team go toe-to-toe with a beer bong, get written on, review abs and sleep through the sports.

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Read our account of Day 1 at Doxbridge here, and Day 2 here.

Last night the inevitable happened: we took on the beer bong. Ever since we first caught sight of the thing on the coach, we knew our trip wouldn’t be complete without a head-to-head with the tube of lash.

We finally got our chance when Christ’s hockey team invited us to pre-drink with them on the condition that we do one between us. We leapt at the chance.

Our nerves began to tingle as the thing was filled up, a process that took around 5 minutes.

We managed to slay the beast in just under 5 minutes between the two of us. Not bad we thought. That was until we heard that one of their team, Megan, had single handedly finished the thing in 7 minutes.

We did better than one Durhamite who stepped up to take the challenge only to be drenched in a mixture of wine, beer, vodka and Hennesy, as she underestimated the power of the booze wave.

Christ’s treat Durham to a beer bong shower

Spurred on by our bong, we headed out to take on your challenges.

Challenge number 1:

Thanks to Henry’s chiselled-good looks and adonis-like body, we were relatively successful. We even managed to get the editor of The Oxford Student to write a message. Check out some of the signees below:

OxStu’s editor gets stuck in

But with just a biro to complete our task, Henry’s chest was left covered in a mixture of blood and ink by the end of the night. Messages such as “Alexa <3s The Tab” may well be permanent.

Challenge 2:

Cheeky Steve, we happen to know, is a John’s rower with abs that look like they could eat you. After scouring what was on offer, we narrowed it down to two contenders for the title of best abs on Doxbridge. Whether they’re better than Cheeky Steve’s, you decide.

Unfortunately, we decided not to kiss a tramp as one lovely reader requested. Sorry guys, but there are some things we wouldn’t do for The Tab.

After a night of challenges, excessive fancy dress and cheap drinks, everyone was feeling the effects the next day. The Netball teams even squeezed in a few tactical naps in between games.

The second day of sport was much the same as the first. We watched hockey, rugby and netball. Much to the dismay of a bitter Durham team, the climax of the Hockey tournament saw an all Cambridge final. In fact, an all Christ’s final: Christ’s A vs. Christ’s B. Unsurprisingly, Christ’s won.

Christ’s celebrate their victory over themselves

The end of the sports signals the impending end of the trip. Tonight the awards will be handed out at Club Twentyone before one more night of babes, booze and banter.

If you want to find out more about Doxbridge and how to come along next year check out their website.