Pigeon Droppings Reveal Student Diversity

A new service has been delivering anonymous messages to people’s pigeon holes across the University.

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A new messaging service has been helping to spread the word around Cambridge by delivering anonymous notes to students’ pigeon holes.

The Anonymous Pigeon, introduced this term, consists of over 20 volunteers posting notes all around the city within 24 hours to share the mysterious messages.

Users can log on to the website, write their message and say who they want it delivered to, all anonymously. Each message is then delivered in black ink on card to the specified student.

Explaining the concept, the Pigeon said: “The idea behind the service is to give people the opportunity to express thoughts or feelings that they usually wouldn’t, and the response has been fantastic. We’ve had over 2000 individual messages, with more and more coming in every hour.”

Some of the topics of messages delivered so far include:

– Love poetry

– Rugby banter

– Surreal metaphors

– Mothers wishing their children a good day

– Elaborate emoticons

– Organising clandestine meetings at Life and Fez

Girton has proven the most popular college for notes, with over 400 messages sent there. But enthusiasm has been sadly lacking at St. Ed’s, with only a measly one message delivered there so far.

Meanwhile, all-girl colleges Murray Edwards and Newnham appear the most romantic, having received the most loves notes.

Lots of letters have also had an international flavour, with Russian and Latin just two of the seven languages seen to date.

Speaking about the idea behind the service the Pigeon told The Tab: “An individual initially had the idea as an art project, but since then the team has expanded.

“All the Anonymous Pigeon Volunteers are members of Cambridge University, but we can’t reveal the exact identity or roles of the Volunteers at this time.”

Donations from several people have helped the service to keep going, but the Pigeon has announced the service will stop on February 15th, once all Valentine’s Day messages have been delivered.