Tories Green With Envy

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke had announced a benefit gig at the Corn Exchange in aid of the Green Party.

Cambridge green party Corn Exchange Green Party Radiohead thom yorke

Cambridge will soon be flooded by Radiohead fans, as the Green Party use the Corn Exchange to swell their environmentally-friendly coffers to the tune of £20,000.

The band’s frontman Thom Yorke is doing a gig at the behest of Tony Juniper, who will be contesting Cambridge’s seat for the Greens at the next General Election.

Electioneering is not usually a pastime associated with musicians (although it is a Radiohead song), and so Thom’s performance may raise some apolitically-inclined eyebrows.

The musician explained to The Tab why he couldn’t leave the ‘Greens’ High and Dry: “Normally I wouldn't get involved in politics like this.

"But a friend of mine Tony Juniper, who I went to the Copenhagen Summit with, is hoping to become one of the first Green Members of Parliament in the UK. And I wanted to help him out somehow.”

No doubt he feels the performance will positively impact upon his Karma. Police do not expect any trouble, No Surprises there. 

The gig will take place on February 25th. Thom Yorke will be supported by experimental Cambridge solo artist Pete Um, whose website contains several simple drawings of genitalia along with slogans such as ‘Democracy is for pussies’.

The Green Party Cambridge Co-ordinator, James Youd, said that the party ‘did not endorse this’.

When questioned about whether the carbon footprint of the gig would be offset, James told The Tab he ‘was not sure about that’, since the event is being organised by Thom Yorke.

He went on to reassure greenies, however, saying that Thom Yorke himself is a very ethically and environmentally sound person.

He also pointed out that the Green party had insisted that half the tickets be reserved for local people, and attendants were encouraged to use bicycles and trains to reach the venue.

The polar bears, no doubt, will breathe a chilly sigh of relief.

Tickets for the show will set you back £32.50 and are available from and

There is also an opportunity to see Tom chat with the producer of the environmental awareness film, ‘The Age of Stupid’, at the Cambridge Arts Theatre on March 3rd.