What to wear… in the rain

Clothes aren’t JUST about trends, fashion or fun… Do you know what to wear in the rain?

Boots dresses rain skirts trench coat ugg boots uggs umbrellas wellies

Clothes aren’t just about trends, fashion or fun. In my book, weather-appropriateness is a top priority. Rain in Cambridge has been a common occurrence lately, so here’s a quick “how to” stay dry and comfortable by avoiding schoolboy errors which happen way more frequently than you would hope.

What you need

Umbrella – Obviously. Better than a hooded top/hooded jacket/hat although these will do if you’re caught without one.

Wellies/ Waterproof boots – The higher the better. These will ensure you can confidently walk through puddles while those silly people wearing inappropriate footwear will cringe as their feet stay soaked for hours.

Layers – Simply remove the wet outer ones when you get inside.

Trench Coat – Optional, but this will take your rain dressing to the next level if so desired. A trench coat coupled with the above should complete the prototypical rainproof outfit. It might even be necessary depending on where you’re walking (without one last week my legs were moderately drenched by cars splashing me on the way to lectures)


Ballet pumps – Wet feet as soon as you step outside
Ugg boots – Not waterproof, possibly slippery
Trousers/Jeans – Expect these to get wet. I’d recommend wearing a skirt or dress instead (Sorry, not sure what alternative I can suggest for the male reader!), as that way you only have to worry about rewashing a pair of tights, which even when wet should be more comfortable anyway than wet trousers.