Brookes student starts a petition calling for lighting to be installed in South Park

The petition already has over 600 signatures


A Brookes student started a petition for Oxford City Council to install lighting on the path at the top of South Park.

The path is a common route for Brookes students walking to and from the university as it is a direct route for students living in the Cowley area.

The petition was posted onto Facebook page Overheard at Brookes today.  It already has 625 signatures, and says: “Oxford City Council should install lights along the length of the path at the top of South Park as a matter of priority.

“The path is the shortest route between Brookes university and student housing / halls in Cowley, meaning that it is commonly used as a thoroughfare by students. It is similarly used by students at Cheney school, and by local residents. Though it affords a beautiful view over the city’s famous dreaming spires during the day, at night it offers no view at all.

“Many returning from a late night stint at the library or walking the dog on a winter evening will be familiar with the routine: a growing sense of apprehension when approaching the path; a quickened pace to traverse the path as quickly as possible.

“The lack of lighting means that on a dark night it’s impossible to even see your feet unless you have enough charge on your phone to use it as a torch.

The petition also draws attention to past reports of sexual assault in South Park and says this “makes the installation of lights a matter of even greater urgency.”

“If you feel that the path at the top of South Park should have lights installed, sign the petition! Let’s aim for 500 signatures, but the more the better! The petition will be presented to the Members of the City Council for consideration.”

This is the second time Oxford Brookes students have petitioned for lights to be installed in South Park, but no lights have been installed yet. You can sign the petition here.

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