Oxford Brookes confirm no ‘large scale’ face to face lectures in Autumn term

Lectures will be in small groups

Oxford Brookes have emailed students today to confirm that from September there will be no ‘large scale’ face to face lectures for the whole of term one.

The email states “there will be no large-scale, face-to-face teaching delivery (e.g. lectures) at Oxford Brookes” and that instead “such activity will be delivered through high-quality, online learning” or that lectures will be held in small groups.

However, face-to-face teaching will not be completely off the cards as the email states “face-to-face teaching will still take place on campus but will be restricted to small groups or individuals” but these arrangements will be continuously reviewed.

The email said that “campuses will be open” but social distancing measures will be in place and the facilities such as cafes and libraries will be able to be used. All accommodations will be available to students and Brookes will “facilitate safe social activity through the Brookes Union clubs and societies”.

For students unable to go to campus for face-to-face teaching, due to personal circumstances or if they are unable to travel to the UK, Brookes have said they “will work with you to understand and respond to your needs”. They have pledged to continue to support students “through the delivery of high-quality online learning, including offering you opportunities to have contact with your tutors and other students as well as support services such as Wellbeing and Careers.”

The email also asks students to share their online learning experiences they’ve had for the remainder of the 2019/2020 academic year as part of “an early stage in our preparations for September” to review “the emergency move to remote delivery this semester”. The email says that “your comments will be used to develop practices to shape and support the student learning experience next academic year”, so fill out the Google docs form in the email.

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