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This is everything you shouldn’t be doing at a Fishies social

Yes, some of you need to know how to act

The semester is in full swing and you signed up to a bunch of socials at freshers, obviously. You've put on a stone which is made entirely of Posh Nosh and VK's and you think it might be a good idea to actually join a sport to lose the weight. But the most important thing on your mind is: FISHIES.

Fishies is arguably the best night of the week for Brookes students and there's always the social for pres but what if you don't actually make it out?

Here's a well-compiled list of what not to do at a social so you actually make it to Fishies.

Shag your flat mate you went to the social with

Ever heard of that saying "don't shit where you eat", rookie error. Especially if you've got a year of living with them and every time you see them all you can picture is them dressed as a vicar and you as a schoolgirl.

Wear a shit outfit that is only vaguely to do with your social's theme

You might as well not bother because you're definitely going to get a fine and probably some pen drawn on your face that won't go away until at least two days after.

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Turn up one minute late or one minute early

It's an unwritten rule not to do either of these things.

Break your flat door

Having your door come off one of its hinges isn't ideal but having to squint at your laptop whilst reporting it to maintenance the next day is even worse.

Lose your Fishies ticket before you get there

You've gone through the stress of trekking into town to buy your outfit from Primark, turned up to the social and got fucked up at pres and now you've turned up to O2 without your ticket.

£5 down and a shit hangover for nothing.

Lose your ID

You'll be in the Tesco Metro the next day and your mate is buying a crate yet the cashier is demanding you all have your IDs. Fast forward to you pegging it down Cowley Road to the O2 to get it back after someone found it in the loos the night before.

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Having the social secs take away your Fishies ticket because you just can't hack it

There's truly nothing worse than managing to fight your way into getting a Fishies ticket when there's only 20 tickets and 50 people have turned up to the social and then them handing you your money back and taking away your Fishies ticket because they're scared you're going to throw up on their sofa at the social.

So. Tragic.

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