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Clubbers of the Week: Week Eight

Drinking to forget our deadlines

Deadline week has passed for now, and there was a lot of hand action from this week's pictures.

So, we are back with your entertainment for the week. Enjoy the journey back to seshlehem.


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I feel sorry for the mothers who have to wash their bedsheets

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Bloody Cheney boys

And the sleepiest clubber of the week award goes too

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Do you think he goes to the gym?

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With the lads

No paps please

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Jokes, look at how big my hands are

The bigger the surf, the bigger the girth

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That isn't how you do a tequila shot babe

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"Look me in the EYES and tell me you don't want to come home with me"

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Get you someone that looks as excited to see you as he is to see this pizza

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"It was only THIS big"

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This girls already pre-booking her 'late night booty call'

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When you realise you're already in your overdraft but can't resist the sesh

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