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Eight of the most Instagrammable spots around Brookes

Because aesthetics, right?

It must be said, Brookes has some seriously pleasing angles, especially when it comes to a bit of Insta-procrastination. With £134 million being spent on the redevelopment of the Headington campus in the last ten years, it has become our duty to capture it in all its beauty. Excluding the Helena Kennedy Centre, of course.

So, here are eight of the most ravishing spots for you to take a snap of when you are feeling artistic af.

The Abercrombie Building

With it's Harry Potter walkways and colours eerily similar to the selection of VKs at Atik, the Abercrombie building is THE place to be.

The Forum's water droplet sculpture

Rumours say this sculpture cost Brookes three million pounds. Whether that's true or not, it's beautiful and certainly something to admire whilst chomping on a sausage roll in the Forum.

The staircases in JHB

You cannot deny that it would be a lot duller without the fluorescent pink vibes.

The Iron Flower Sculpture

Flowers or duck feet, this abstract sculpture makes for the perfect 'gram on the way to a 9am lecture.

The Colonnade

Yes, this may not be the obvious place to test out your photography skills, but on a sunny day even the colonnade is on fleek. It's prices, however, are still very much not.

The JHB Lecture Theatre

The floating lecture theatre proves Oxford Brookes is 100 per cent a hub for pure architectural wizardry.

The Quad

Sunsets + reflective Abercrombie Building + illuminated staircase = recipe for perfect uni-based 'gram.

Clive Booth Hall

Believe it or not, this photo proves that at the right time of day and with the right filter, even Clive Booth can turn into one sultry, silhouetted son of a bitch.