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Get yourself one now, being in a relationship at uni is so much better

Winter is cold and heating expensive

Uni is a time of change, large overdrafts and small houses. Relationships while at uni aren't for everyone and whilst many don't find themselves in one, there are certainly a lucky few who do.

Between Tinder and low attention spans, it can be a tricky place to find a relationship, and there are many reasons why being in a relationship at uni is so much better than the alternative. Above all, winter is cold and heating is expensive, so someone to share your bed with is always a bonus.

The walk of shame? A thing of the past

The smudged hair and the pain in your feet, the awkward morning after conduct. When you are in a relationship this is replaced with cuddles in bed and a lie-in. You do NOT wish that you could be skulking down the street back home. Not in a million years.

You have 24/7 access to a human hot water bottle

Winter is horrible and students are broke. Whether you are curled up on the sofa watching a movie or on a night out, both are improved when you have someone to share them with. From the first time you steal your partners coat because you choose style over comfort, being without them (or the coat) will not cross your mind once.

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Nights in are the 'in' thing

Again, students are broke. Why would you chose a night out and the hangover that follows when you could have a Netflix marathon and Chinese takeaway? And split the cost, which is even better.

You will make memories wherever you are but sometimes shutting off from everything else can be a sweet relief, deadlines and dissertations hardly scream romance after all.

A shoulder to cry on

Uni can be stressful and at some point, quite regularly by the end of the semester, you will need ice cream, wine and a hug. I promise you these three will solve many of your problems.

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A personal cheerleader

It takes a special kind of person to convince you that you can actually get through three of the best and most stressful years of your life. In those moments when you are frustrated that your uni friends don't magically know you as well as your home friends and your family seem a million miles away, it can be quite nice to have someone make it all go away, long enough to survive the semester.

You can have really great sex whenever you want

They know you, what you like and what you don't. No amateur fumbling and disappointment. You are young and these should be the best years of your life. In. Every. Possible. Way.

No more awkward dates

Goodbye Tinder, hello regular Sunday lunch and favourite takeout. As a student you will be quite broke but as a student in a relationship? You can be quite broke and blissfully happy, even a Starbucks run can turn into the highlight of your day if you two are together.

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Someone to help you do the washing up

Half the time, half the hassle.

No more angering the housemates over your lazy habits. You and your glamorous assistant will have those dishes shining in no time.

You always have a plus one

You'll go to their events and they'll go to yours. You never have to do anything alone again, you have a partner in crime. You can even use them as an excuse for when you want to go home early.

Being in a relationship can open your eyes to a whole world of possibilities, trust me when I say that wherever you go to uni, there is a side to it that you haven't seen before. Your partner in crime might show you your new favourite band or give you a chance to buy that new outfit you've had your eye on.

A personal photographer on hand at all times

Instagram boyfriends and girlfriends deserve awards for the hard work they do. They know your best angles, your favourite places to pose and most importantly, how to make you look even better than you did before.

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They make you happy when you're sad

Ice cream and wine. And lots of it. They know exactly what to do when you're feeling your worst. Your favourite movie, they've already got it downloaded. Your ride or die takeout order, it's already on its way. Also, it is much less tragic when you finish a bottle all by yourself while crying.

You can become the best version of yourself

You should only be in your relationship as long as it makes you happy. The best years of your life deserve the best you.