How to be a basic bitch this Halloween

From Harley Quinn to Pennywise

So last year's Halloween saw a brilliant array of Harley Quinns and I wouldn't be surprised if Claire's ran out of tinted hair spray. There were good Quinns, bad Quinns and just what the fuck is that Quinns. But move aside, because we can guarantee that these are next costumes to be making an appearance this Halloween.


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Clowns have always been around at halloween, but since the release of the horror film 'IT', clowns are now on a new level of freakiness. Pennywise in particular, has been described as the one of the scariest clowns in pop culture. So, no doubt this Halloween we'll see a mass of painted red noses, bright red fuzzy nylon wigs and maybe a few balloons along the way. Just don't bring a Pennywise home, ffs.


The Best one yet

The unicorn costume is no longer 'original' with 2016 seeing a magical variety of the fatalistic creature. However, there is no doubt that 2017 will be bombarded with glitter, space buns and plaits. Although they're not scary, they sure are pretty and it's clearly just an excuse of wearing a massive amount of glitter and shimmer.


Are mermaids the new unicorns? Both can have it out over who can douse themselves the most in sparkle. Like the unicorns, this magical, fantastical creature sure will be everywhere this Halloween, and it only produces a competition on who can do the best make up. Good luck getting rid of the glitter at the end of the night.

Black Cat

There is nothing more basic than the classic black cat. It's all about who can look the fittest whilst also pulling off the best cat makeup. Ultimately, you can be as basic as you like with this costume and just stick some shitty cat ears on.

Playboy Bunnies

Is it Halloween or pull night?

The old mainstream Playboy bunny as seen in Mean Girls always makes an appearance at Halloween and 2k17 is no exception. Bunnies are by no means scary so therefore, to make this more about Halloween and less about who shall I take home at the end of the night, why not add a few fake blood patches? So creative.


Just like how girls can be basic this time of year, boys are just as bad. The classic ripped shirt, fake blood stains and gruesome make up patches, with which they all claim to be zombies, always makes an appearance. Every lad really just wants to show off their pecks they've been working on. Guarantee this Halloween we'll see plenty of these.

The Joker

Along with the popular costume of Harley Quinn, 2016 also saw the appearance of her better half, the Joker. It's too easy of an outfit for it not be seen this year, the only thing needed is a Harley to match and finish the night off.