Theresa May hits up Oxford

May arrived this morning at Oxford Business Park in Cowley

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The Prime Minister arrived in Oxford today to continue with her campaign, after insights into the Conservative manifesto had been revealed.

Within the manifesto, May has made a serious plea in a bid to steal Labour voters, with promises to improve workers’ rights and welfare. The manifesto includes:

  • The right for workers to request leave for training purposes
  • The legal right for leave for workers who have lost a child
  • Up to 52 weeks time off for workers caring for family members

This morning, however, May arrived at Oxford Business Park in Cowley in order to discuss workers’ rights with major technology companies.

She was met by Nicola Blackwood and Suzanne Bartington, Conservative Parliamentary candidates for Oxford West, Abingdon and Oxford East.

May stayed for a couple of hours before moving onto Market Street in Abingdon where she was confronted by a disabled woman about the lack of government of support for people with mental health and learning disabilities.

May has since left Oxfordshire to continue her campaign elsewhere, (but really, we know she’s going MNB.)