Where to take your date for Valentine’s Day in Oxford

Just go to a cocktail bar

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning where you’re going to take bae.

Going for a candlelit meal may be romantic in the movies but if you really want to get lucky then take her to a fancy bar. Being in Oxford means that you’re surrounded by a great selection of places to go.

With Cowley Road being full of pubs and cocktail bars, we’ve tried the best for you.

The Mad Hatter

A quirky, Alice in Wonderland themed, speakeasy bar hidden on Circus Street, share a pot of alcoholic tea for two and take a seat on the Queen of Hearts throne. There’s even a jazz night on Tuesdays, what could be more romantic? Plus, there’s a chance to show your date how smart you are when you answer the riddle to get in.

Cafe Baba

A Moroccan themed cocktail bar, but it has a darker interior than Tarifa that can make for a much more romantic date. Enjoy cocktails and tapas, and it’s really cheap too.

But if Cowley Road isn’t your cup of tea, head into the City Centre for wine and cheese, or you could even go as far as Jericho…it shows you really care.

Cafe Tarifa

Another cocktail bar with a Moroccan theme, you can have one of their many tasty cocktails or you can be super cute and share one of their huge bottles of beer.

And if you haven’t managed to find a date, they even have speed dating.


Hidden in the Castle Quarter this little wine bar is perfect for Valentine’s Day, drink nice wine (they can even recommend some for you) and pair it with some cheese. The place for the fanciest of dates.

Oxford Wine Cafe

A slightly cheaper version of 1855, on the corner of Little Clarendon Street in Jericho, the best place to go if you want something fancy but not super expensive. And G&Ds is just across the road, so if you get bored of wine, take him or her for ice cream.


Otherwise known as the best cocktail bar in Oxford, with three levels there are plenty of hidden corners for you to have a romantic drink. They even have table service on quieter nights so you can relax, knowing you’re not going to make a fool of yourself spilling your drink just walking to the table.

P.S. The Red Baron is the best, strawberries and chocolate in a drink. Amazing.

Big Society

Wine and dine on mac and cheese and a jam jar cocktail and this will definitely be a perfect Valentine’s Day. It might not be very private but the food is amazing and Big Soc definitely makes for an Instagram worthy picture.