Oxford Bus Company routes disrupted due to an accident at St Aldate’s

An elderly woman was hit by an X90 coach

All Oxford Bus Company routes, including the U1 and U5, have been disrupted this afternoon due to what appears to be a severe incident at St Aldate’s involving an X90 coach.

An elderly woman has been taken to hospital with sever injuries.

All buses have now been diverted down Abingdon Road, Donnington Bridge and Iffley Road, causing major delays.


The elderly woman, who was a pedestrian, is believed to have been hit by the coach at around 2:30 this afternoon on the corner of St Aldate’s and the high street.

She has since been taken to hospital with what are believed to be severe injuries.

No comment on her condition has been released as of yet.

Traffic is causing delays throughout the city with it at a standstill on Magdalen Bridge.


More updates to follow