Cowley is the best student area to live in the country

Cowley is love, Cowley is life

Cowley is undoubtedly the best student area in Oxford, if not the whole entire country. Sure it may be grotty in some places and may feature the odd “Crack-Head-Dave”, but that’s what gives it character right?

The vast majority of students who study in Oxford live in Cowley, making it one of the most sociable places you’ll ever live.

Cowley Road

It’s just one long road packed full of pubs, bars and restaurants. From £4 cocktails all night at Baba’s, to the conveniently named The Library, there is always somewhere to go to avoid doing your history essay that is due next week.

Cowley Road is perfect for pub golf, starting at the City Arms and making your way down to the Cape of Good Hope. You’ll be 100 per cent seshed by the end of it. You can even get a Kebab Kid on the way if you want.

There are also tonnes of charity and vintage shops for you to get your wavy garms and wear them with pride like a true Brookes stereotype.

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The Holy Trinity

Divinity, Bartlemas and Southfield Road are like the holy trinity of student accommodation in Oxford. Situated just off the Cowley Road, it’s where all the best house parties are. Estate agents have students queuing through the night to get a hold of one of these houses; they go like hotcakes. The three roads are so popular that even Oxford students want to live there. If you live at bottom of Div you may have a bit of a trek up the hill to uni in the morning, but it’s worth it just for the social status.


The O2

Smack bang in the middle of Cowley Road, the O2 hosts some pretty decent nights – we even had Cascada playing the other week. It’s the perfect place to show off your wavy garms you just bought in one of the charity shops.

It’s also the host of Fishies, Brookes best new sports night, which you’ll undoubtedly be attending every week from now on as Wahoo has closed down.


The Cowley Retreat

Probably the most popular pub on Cowley Road, it’s always packed full of students every night. It offers a range of drinks as well as food and is the first port-of-call for any casual pub night. Make sure you bring a coat in the winter though as you won’t be spending anytime inside. If you’re not sat in one of the booths in the smoking area all night did you really go to the Cowley Retreat though?

It’s also host to some trendy events such as the Lock-In. Anyone who is anyone will be there in their tweed jackets and Ralph Lauren shirts.

not associated with any crimes

not associated with any crimes

The City Arms

If you live down Southfield you can probably see it from your house. It’s full of beers on tap, sports on the TV, greasy burgers and chips and even board games to get that Friday night really started.

You’re only a true City-Arms-goer if you have one of their loyalty cards and stack up enough points to buy a whole round of drinks for the lads.

city arms

The Bullingdon

Bully is a guaranteed good night if you want to get a little bit sparkly. Anything goes really, glitter, funky clothes or even what you wore that day will be fine. It plays some decent music and there’s quite often live bands, if you’re into live music.


Tesco is the only decent supermarket in the Cowley area within a decent walking distance to most accommodation so you don’t really have a choice but to shop there. Due to this fact its also a very sociable place, you can’t not go to Tesco and see someone you don’t know.