Two German superfans flew across Europe for Cascada at Fishies

They have seen Cascasa in concert over 60 times

Two German women flew from Cologne, to Dusseldorf, to Stansted on Wednesday especially to see Cascada perform at The O2 Academy at Fishies.

Superfans Fiona Ludwig, 20, and Michaela Eckert, 37, have met Cascada around four times before and, have been to over 60 of her gigs all around the world. The last time they saw her was back in January.

The pair flew back to Germany this morning, and had booked a taxi from the O2 at 3 a.m. straight to Stansted, which cost them £115.


The girls were at the door for 21:30. When they got into Fishies they had luckily been given backstage wristbands by The Ox events team, so waited backstage eagerly awaiting Cascada’s arrival.

Unfortunately, this time there was no official meet and greet, and Cascada’s manager was not too pleased to see the girls waiting back stage.

He later explained that the two girls had met her plenty of times before, therefore it was unfair to fans who had never met her to allow the girls free access to Cascada without prior arrangement.


Luckily the manager agreed to let us meet Cascada briefly before she went on stage and gave her a quick education on Wednesday nights at Brookes and what she can expect from a Fishies crowd.


Always on the front row

Fiona and Michaela are part of a Cascada fan club known as the “Cascada Fanclub Family” that has got to know each other through going to gigs and now travel the world to see her perform.

A few of the group, including Michaela have Cascada tattoos to show their devotion to her, with one of Michaela’s actually styled off of a tattoo that Cascada has on her wrist.


Fiona was keen to tell us about the Cascada Fanclub Family, and what Cascada means to them. She said: “Cascada connects people with her music. We’re real best friends, just because of her.

“I am so thankful that I have met so many lovely people, that I have done so many exciting adventures just because of her.

“Being a Cascada fan had made my life better. She taught me not to give up, to believe in myself and to be confident.

“Without her and her music I wouldn’t be the person who I am today.

“She changed my life in a positive way and because of that she is the best idol I could ever imagine.”

The night itself was an absolute sell out proving that nostalgia is still strong at Brookes, with a crowd of at least 1200 people at the event.