We asked boys what they think about female trends

‘It looks like your mum dressed you’

Culottes, turtle necks, dungarees, long straight jackets or pleated skirts – trends women love yet some men don’t understand your devotion to them as much as you’d hope.

The Tab asked four very honest guys what they’re really thinking about your clothes:


Marco, Will, Kaloyan and Janarthan.

Culottes and turtle necks

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Marco “What is with girls not finding trousers that reach their ankle? I think you need to be aware not to get ripped off.”

Will – “Quite sophisticated. Love a turtleneck at the right occasion but I’d definitely be threatened by a girl who’d wear that on a regular day.”

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Kaloyan – “I’m personally not fond of that type of pants, but looking at the whole outfit and the colours, I can imagine having a weekend lunch with her at the patisserie.”

The pleated skirt look

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Kaloyan – “I find the white shirt and red lipstick combo sexy – a smarter outfit for the warmer season.”

Marco – “Too formal, I’m not into pleated skirts at all.”

Will – “You look like you’ve been home for National Holiday and you mom dressed you.'”

Dungarees and check shirts

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Marco “The shirt-dungaree combo is too shocking.  A plain white T-shirt would look much better underneath.”

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Will “I find dungarees kind of attractive but the shirt is killing it. The trainers are cool though but I’d rather pair the outfit with some black and white Air Maxes.”

Black jackets over bodycon dresses

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Marco – “I’m not that much into the shoes. Love a good bodycon dress though and if you put on heels, know how to walk in them.”

Will – “I’m not a fan of the shoes, it’s too bold and  I wouldn’t wear the black jacket.”

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Janarthan – “I absolutely like this outfit because it’s so fierce. I would love to see more girls dress up in this line of fashion as it really catches a man’s attention.”

Hoodies and skinny jeans

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Marco – “I like the skinny ripped jeans. ”

Will – “That’s cool, I love to see girls not trying so hard, being relaxed about what they’re wearing.”

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Janarthan – “I am not really a big fan of this kind of outfit, as it doesn’t stand out to me. Yes, it blends in with the crowd around you but it’s not something different because this kind of dressing is commonly seen around you all the time.”

KaloyanIt’s casual and ready for spring – an outfit ideal for, and quite often seen on campus.”

Photography: Iulia Ionescu

Styling:  Aylin Bayhan