I brought my Mum to MNB

Mumday Night Bridge

I was having a normal night in Bridge, when someone asked if my Mum would come clubbing. In my drunken haze I said of course, and they ‘claimed’ me on it – if she did’t come I could say goodbye to my eyebrow.

So in the morning I rang my Mum, she was very happy to hear from me and I brought up the subject of her coming out with all my friends. At first she was skeptical, she doesn’t even drink alcohol, but she agreed to come to the next MNB.


So the next Monday she appeared, we went out for lunch and she brought some decent food for me, even snacks and some drink for everyone coming to the pre’s.

People started turning up around eight, she loved meeting them and everyone loved meeting her,  handing out life advice and getting to know people, considering she was staying sober as people were putting down the vodka lime’s.


After that we headed on to the club, she even drove some people and parked up nearby as everyone else headed via bus or taxi.

She very quickly headed to the bar with a large group around her, asking us what we normally drank. She bought a round of Jaegerbombs, vodka cranberries tequila shots, and even a bottle of champagne for one of my friends who was having their birthday.


Only having a coke for herself,  everyone got more and more drunk around her.

She danced sober, and even tried helping some of my friends with their love interests in the smoking area. She was a big fan of Bridge smoking area – even though she doesn’t smoke.


In the end she left around 1:30 and drove home, and the next day said she loved it.

I even had people on Yik Yak impersonating me, on multiple occasions:



Maybe we can get a whole group of mothers there one night?