RIP The Priz in Kent: We’ll really, really miss you

So bad it’s being demolished, but we loved it

Renowned for sticky floors and cheesy feet odour, The Priz – renamed Onyx – had been in our lives for many years until it sadly closed down last October. Cry!

From vomit up the wall to Phil Mitchell, sweaty topless boys on the podium to countless brawls outside – we’ve seen it all, and we miss it. The Priz was something we couldn’t get enough of. It had us returning time after time, even though we had sworn after a night of “one too many” we’d never return again (one of the biggest lies ever told in Folkestone).

Perhaps it was the fact that a night there usually ended with the classic Bump and Grind by R Kelly, or because there was nowhere else to go, or simply the fact that everyone we’d ever known from Folkestone would be there. Possibly a mix of all three – it didn’t matter. The Priz was our guilty pleasure and we were its “Priz rats”: a name given to people who’d basically live there. But now it’s heartbreakingly gone from our lives forever. Literally – it’s being demolished.

Forever on a mad one

The club made the announcement of the sad news October last year, and most people who went to university didn’t even get a chance to say bye. They sadly posted on Facebook: “To the 420,647 customers we have had through our doors since Onyx was born in 2010 we salute you. Many memories made, times shared with friends and great people met. All good things must come to an end.”

Some of comments show you just how heartbreaking the news was for everyone who had ever been. Locals in Folkestone have even started laying flowers out at the site of the demolition.


We’ll miss you

However, all is not lost as there are always non-club alternatives to go to – Party bar, Spoons, The Bar Below and Skuba. But nothing will ever replace nor compare to The Priz. You were truly special. Thank you for all the drunken memories. R.I.P Priz.