BNOC 2015: The Final

Vote with your heart


You voted in force, and the masses have been whittled down to four. However, only one of these campus heavyweights can win the coveted crown of BNOC 2015.

Who comes out on top? You decide.

Alice Atkin


Netballer Alice Atkin is arguably the best social sec around. You’ll always find her crawling out of Fuzz in the early hours of Thursday morning demanding someone buy her a cheeseburger. Alice is so popular she got nominated twice before making it to the final. She gracefully breezes through uni life by achieving high grades but never missing a night out and she can’t walk through Oxford town centre without being stopped for a chat.

Harry ‘Chopkins’ Hopkins

harry hopkins

The social sec of the American Football team Harry has succeeded his ambition of attending more Fuzz and Kandy nights than lectures this year. He rose to prominence this year after achieving King of the Ring’s first ever TKO.

Posy Wood


This girl has been featured more often than not in The Tab – she nearly won the BNOC title for the girls last year. You might have seen her rapping on Youtube or you might know her as a Bridge regular, either way – everyone knows this girl.

Freddie Goodall


Freddie is the King of Oxford himself. The sweet talking, smile wearing legend had graced Oxford’s spiralled city for four years now, travelling far and wide from Crescent Hall to Wheatley to ensure your favourite nights are the ones you talk about for years to come. He’s the man behind Fishy Fingers and the Bakermat May Day extravaganza. There isn’t a bar he hasn’t bought a drink. He’s basically the BNOC of BNOCs.