What’s in your wardrobe? Holly Mills

This week Holly Mills shows us her combination of high street and vintage fashion

Holly searches through her wardrobe to bring you a selection of her favourite outfits:

This week we asked Holly Mills to share her wardrobe with us. A first year architecture student from Letchworth, Holly told The Tab that she loves what the high street has to offer but also visits an array of vintage shops to create her favourite outfits.


Holly’s first outfit consists of vintage-style jeans and a paisley print tie-up shirt, both from Topshop. The outfit is completed with a colour-coordinating red belt from H&M and red nails. The way in which Holly mixes modern and vintage-style clothing creates a unique style that makes her stand out from the crowd.



When asked who Holly looks to for fashion inspiration, she replies “I love Rihanna’s style, she always looks on trend!” The next outfit Holly shows us displays her love of stand-out patterns. Her creativity and courage when it comes to fashion allows her to bring an outfit together using her favourite accessories. The matching top and midi skirt, frilly socks and black wedges are all from Topshop.



Holly’s last outfit is the most affordable of the three, consisting of a Primark skirt and shoes, belt from H&M and scrunchie from Boots. The key piece is the floral jacket, which Holly discovered in a London vintage shop. “There’s a lot of vintage shops on Brick Lane that I always go to and they’re brilliant,” she tells us.

Photography by Claire Paice

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