Junction’s ‘Irish Car Bomb’ poster inflames local opinion

Oxford nightclub Junction say they will scrap reference to car bombs on St. Patrick’s Day party promotional poster.

After negative reaction to a promotional poster for a St Patrick’s Day party, the manager of popular Brookes haunt The Junction has pledged to remove a reference to car bombs.


‘IRISH CAR BOMB SHOTS’ deemed offensive

In the flyer, promoting Friday’s Kandy night, drinks are advertised from £1, including ‘Irish Car Bomb’ shots.

After viewing the promotion on Facebook, one local printer from Kidlington said the poster was in bad taste.

The printer then went on to say: ‘I think it’s in very poor taste for a bar to be naming a drink Irish Car Bomb on St Patrick’s Day’.

This follows an incident last month which saw St. Giles closed after a suspicious package was sent to the Armed Forces Recruitment Office. Downing Street later commented that the device bore the hallmarks of Northern Ireland-related terrorism.


Club manager Pete Mortimore said the ‘Irish Car Bomb’ was a well-known cocktail shot, similar to a Jäger Bomb, and has been around for many years. It’s normally made up of Guinness, Irish cream liqueur and Irish whiskey.

But he added: ‘We take all complaints of this nature seriously and I have contacted the relevant personnel and requested that the offending text be removed as a matter of urgency.”

At present the poster is still up on Junction’s Facebook page.

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