The neknominate net phenomenon

A few of Brookes’ best neck and nominate videos.

If you are able to pronounce the title of this article eloquently without sounding like the ‘Mahna Mahna’ muppet, chances are you have been sober the last 24 hours and are yet to be victim of the NekNominate cyber bender that’s swept your Facebook feed.

How this craze came about I don’t know – perhaps from a misinterpreted verse from the Lad Bible? But one thing’s for sure, if you are nominated: “Thou shall fackin down, you filfy cant.” St Danny Dyer, 29.11.

For those who don’t know them, the rules are simple: after producing video evidence of yourself completing the challenge of downing a drink of your choice, you are able to nominate three more (former) friends into doing the same within 24 hours.

Some nominees I’ve suspected spend the majority of this time of sobriety thinking up the way of best necking. As NekNominate has poured across the social network, drinkers have come up with weirder and more wonderful ways of partaking that only alcohol can inspire. Here are some of my favourite idiotic geniuses/genius idiots from Brookes:

Getting pissed from a great height.



Now I’ve heard of dirty pints but this boy’s milking it.



A gentleman sticks his pinky out when he drinks



This one’s using any chance he can get to show of his abs.



You can’t argue that watching someone down a pint is always an entertaining spectacle. It’s a pity no one thinks to video 20 minutes later when said person is standing naked with their pants round their head singing Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours from the roof (true story but you can’t prove anything).

But with this latest trend I’ve come to realise that with an iPhone in one hand and a dirty pint in the other we’ve reached the peak of humanity, in which every one of us can be smashed as one.

Don’t you get it? We ARE the dirty pint.

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