Oxford finds more than it bargained for under the mistletoe

Oxford tops charts for number of one night stands and wild sex lives.

Oxford has come second in a survey asking people to rate how adventurous their sex lives are.

We’ve already learnt this week that Oxford is full of wankers but it turns out it’s also full of people experimenting in the bedroom. And we don’t mean by joining Jay’s ‘Dead Hand Gang’.

Liverpool beat us to first place topping the promiscuity charts with Newcastle coming up behind in a respectable third.

Unfortunately the article doesn’t specify exactly how adventurous everyone has been so we’ll leave it up to your own dirty minds to imagine. The long winter nights have been known to have strange effects on some and let’s be honest, there hasn’t been much else to do.

Sam Coomber pulling

A separate survey also placed Oxford in the top 10 for the number of one night stands in December with 9% of people surveyed admitting to taking a kiss under the mistletoe a bit further.

The Tab can’t confirm if the two aren’t related but perhaps the festive period gave everyone the confidence to try something different with someone different?

According to a medical director of the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor the New Year is renowned for a spike in STU cases so if you did indulge in some x-rated cuddles it might be worth checking you weren’t given an unexpected present. We doubt they came with a gift receipt.

You might want to head to the GUM clinic for a check up

You might want to head to the GUM clinic for a check up

Warning: expect to see a further rise in one night stands as people start the hunt for a Valentine’s Day cure.

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