Bristol Uni history department quoted a Bristruth on final year exam

The history department is definitely the coolest of them all

The University of Bristol history department have proved they are the coolest department at uni and have quoted a post from Bristruths on one of their final year exam scripts.

The open book exam was a week long, and finished today at 12pm.

The question, released to students taking the Kingship and Crisis course, read: “‘Henry VI… didn’t really have any power’ (#bristruth28246, via, 4 April 2020). Why is this statement problematic as a way of understanding the crises of Henry’s reign?'”

The statement stems from a classic Bristruth tier list of the English Rulers from 1066-1714.

Dr John Reeks, the leader of the Kingship and Crisis unit, told the Bristol Tab: “The Bristruth in question was shared with me because it was quite a humorous 1066 And All That – style run-down of English monarchs, offering sharp (but occasionally very problematic!) judgements on their relative merits.

“The question goes to the very heart of what this unit is all about. The whole thrust of scholarship for the past 70 years has been about challenging the notion that the Crown’s power was under threat in the fifteenth century, and that that was a root cause of the wars we call the “Wars of the Roses”.”

#Bristruth28246English Rulers Tier List from 1066-1714God TierCharles II ( literally seshed himself to death), Henry…

Posted by Bristruths on Saturday, 4 April 2020

We think its an absolute crime they didn’t ask about how Charles II “seshed himself to death”  in any of the other questions on the paper, but we’re looking forward to seeing more Bristruths in exams from this day forward.