You can now donate to the NHS by buying and selling unwanted clothes

Bristol grads have created a new clothes selling platform where the proceeds go to NHS charities

Has your Depop trade dried up? Do you want to donate to the NHS, but can’t hack another 5K run? Well, a new online platform called “Closet19” can do that for you.

The site, created by Bristol grads Sally Patterson, Lucy Clumpas and Bella Stratton, works like any other clothing trading site; users upload pictures of good quality unwanted clothes to the online platform, and other users are able to buy the clothes.

The payments then go to “NHS Charities Together”, which supports NHS staff and volunteers.

One of the sites creators, Patterson, said: “It’s really easy to feel helpless at the moment, and not know how to help. I came up with Closet19 as a way for anyone sitting at home to contribute, simply by clearing out their wardrobe!”

Patterson ran a similar project whilst she was still an undergrad at Bristol. She launched ‘She Shirts’, a feminist fashion line, which gave all of its profits to charities supporting women, including Women’s Aid, Smart Works and Bloody Good Period.

The group also hopes to tackle the fast fashion industry, by encouraging their users to have a declutter of their wardrobe and destigmatizing the purchasing of second-hand clothes.

Clumpas said: “I’ve been an active user of clothing reselling sites ever since I delved into the murky world of fast fashion. Even in this time of crisis this industry shows no signs of slowing down.

“Closet19 is a guilt free way for people across the UK to get their shopping-fix ethically all whilst raising money for an important cause.”

For more information on how you can #DressfortheNHS, click here

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