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Nomination for Bristol’s BNOC of the Year Award 2020 are officially OPEN

The annual search returns to Bristol

It's been quite a year already, hasn't it? Students living in Wales, two rounds of strikes, one exam period, a General Election, and it's not even March yet!

I wouldn't blame you if you are already dreaming of sunshine filled days, Pimms on the Downs, the smell of those disposable BBQs filling the air…

So, it's time for that annual Tab tradition, where we find the celebrities on our campus, the scandals and celebrations of those huge personalities we all know, and we find out who the Biggest Name On Campus is.

That's right – BNOC of the Year Award nominations are officially OPEN!!!

Your nominee can come from literally anywhere within the Bristol student community.

Maybe someone stood out on the sports pitch, or was an amazing society President?

Did anyone raise heaps of money for a worthy charitable cause?

Was there a campaign or a political personality that made an impact on you this year?

Maybe someone wrote some awesome articles for The Tab that enlightened you and enhanced your university experience (*cough cough*)?!

Bristol's BNOC of the Year 2018, Chris Meardon, told The Bristol Tab: "Clearly this is the finest achievement of not only my degree, but my entire life.

"Hours on end I have been falsely introducing myself to people to only get their vote in this award."

"To win Bristol BNOC 2018 means everything to me and I won't stop here, with the natural progression to king of the SU and then to supreme vice chancellor like my role model Hugh Brady.

"Thank you to all the members of the Chris Meardon Appreciation Nation and my loyal fans for getting me to where I am today.

"Just remember that if you buckle down and try hard, one day you could become as famous as me."

Fill out this form to nominate someone of your choice.