Ben Bloch

Everything you need to know about the upcoming lecturer strikes

Here we go again

Not a single student fined in first term of house party police patrols

Despite the uni spending up to £25k this year on Operation Beech

Freshers threatened with eviction for smoking in halls

So far only fines have been issued

Bristol West MP endorses Keir Starmer for Labour Leader

‘Don’t get me wrong, I would like to have a female leader, but it doesn’t trump everything else’

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Bristol climate strike: Best signs

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Strikes: Students and staff march in solidarity

‘Hugh Brady, get out! We know what you’re all about!’

Bristol Uni Vice-Chancellor blames other unis for lack of progress in strike negotiations

Industrial action is due to start on Monday

Here’s everything you need to know about next week’s Bristol Uni strikes


Bristol not Newport: protesting students demand solutions to accommodation crisis

Around 50 students took to the streets

Bristol protests continue on offer-holder visit day as occupiers leave Senate House

The occupation ended at 5:45pm today

Here’s everything that happened at the Bristol University strikes today

They’re in it to win it

UoB card payment minimum spend SCRAPPED!

Your bank balance could look healthier from tonight…

Not all guys on a night out just want to shag

Fuck this stereotype

Bristol hates Trump more than any other city in the UK

More signatures to block Trump from the UK came from Bristol than anywhere else

In defence of Wills Hall

We’re just like the rest of you common people!