Ben Bloch
News Editor of The Bristol Tab

Bristol MP says cancelling rent for tenants would be ‘un-Labour’

She also said that policy would be ‘regressive’

Bristol students launch campaign to re-hire academic let go from temporary contract

‘We genuinely do not believe that there is a better lecturer or personal tutor or friend than he’

‘They’re not treating it with any urgency’: Balloon Bar student staff haven’t been furloughed yet

‘How can they justify not paying their own student workers in a global pandemic?’

‘The application was lawful’: Councillor defends vote to demolish Lakota

Carla Denyer has been harshly criticised for her vote

Pay cut means Hugh Brady loses initial £20k of £300k salary

How long the pay cut lasts depends on student numbers

Bristol residents can earn £235 as part of coronavirus vaccine trial

The trials start tomorrow

Opinion: UoB need to understand their own policies before publishing them

The ‘no detriment’ policy has caused mass confusion

Coronavirus: Bristol medics will qualify early to help combat crisis

They should start work in hospitals by the end of April, uni says

UoB introduces exam ‘safety net’, so you can’t do worse than your current grade

Summer graduations have also been postponed

UoB will fine students up to £800 if they don’t practice social distancing

‘We expect students to comply with the government guidance’

Coronavirus: Open letter calls for tuition refund and optional exams

‘We did not enrol at this University to take online classes’

Meet the new Bristol SU officer team

Coronavirus may have complicated proceedings but the show must go on

First case of Coronavirus confirmed in Bristol

Bristol City Council confirmed it in a statement today

You guessed it! Badock officially the druggiest hall at UoB

Absolutely no surprises there

Muslim students slam Bristol SU for ‘complete failure to support’ them

‘We declare our complete lack of confidence in the organisation or its officers’

17-year-old who slammed UoB for ‘racism’ achieves honorary doctorate

The youngest person ever to receive one

STRIKES: UoB Management urged to name and shame unis holding up strike negotiations

Nationwide strikes kicked off this morning

Nomination for Bristol’s BNOC of the Year Award 2020 are officially OPEN

The annual search returns to Bristol

Everything you need to know about the upcoming lecturer strikes

Here we go again

Not a single student fined in first term of house party police patrols

Despite the uni spending up to £25k this year on Operation Beech

Freshers threatened with eviction for smoking in halls

So far only fines have been issued

Bristol West MP endorses Keir Starmer for Labour Leader

‘Don’t get me wrong, I would like to have a female leader, but it doesn’t trump everything else’

We spoke to the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas during her visit to Bristol

It wasn’t just Corbyn who was in Bristol yesterday

Bristol climate strike: Best signs

Basically, we’re all screwed

Strikes: Students and staff march in solidarity

‘Hugh Brady, get out! We know what you’re all about!’

Bristol Uni Vice-Chancellor blames other unis for lack of progress in strike negotiations

Industrial action is due to start on Monday

Here’s everything you need to know about next week’s Bristol Uni strikes


Bristol not Newport: protesting students demand solutions to accommodation crisis

Around 50 students took to the streets

Bristol protests continue on offer-holder visit day as occupiers leave Senate House

The occupation ended at 5:45pm today

Here’s everything that happened at the Bristol University strikes today

They’re in it to win it

Students violently pushed away by security as protesters storm Wills Memorial Building

They were trying to interrupt the VC’s meeting

UoB card payment minimum spend SCRAPPED!

Your bank balance could look healthier from tonight…

Bristol hates Trump more than any other city in the UK

More signatures to block Trump from the UK came from Bristol than anywhere else

In defence of Wills Hall

We’re just like the rest of you common people!