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Chris Meardon is officially the Biggest Name on Bristol’s Campus in 2018

The votes are in and the results are out

Following an exhaustive search for the 2018 champion of The Tab's annual BNOC competition, a winner can finally be announced and his name is Chris Meardon.

After thousands of votes and dozens of nominations, Meardon just pipped Fourth Year runner up Harry Stern to the prize in a nailbiting finish that saw the former beat the latter by a mere 8 votes or 0.68% of the 1,179 total votes cast in the final.

Meardon won the crown with the following nomination: "Physics meme poster, President of Chaos (Physics Society), Course Rep, Peer Mentor, PASS Leader, guy who stands at the front of physics lecturers sometimes, all round top guy. Best memes and the freshest of content."
He is also rumoured to be involved in a leading Bristol Uni Facebook page.

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Meardon topped the final five after weeks of voting

Asked for comment by The Tab, Chris Meardon said that "Clearly this is the finest achievement of not only my degree, but my entire life. Hours on end I have been falsely introducing myself to people to only get their vote in this award."

"To win Bristol BNOC 2018 means everything to me and I won't stop here, with the natural progression to king of the SU and then to supreme vice chancellor like my role model Hugh Brady. Thank you to all the members of the Chris Meardon Appreciation Nation and my loyal fans for getting me to where I am today. Just remember that if you buckle down and try hard, one day you could become as famous as me. It's been a good one Bristol."

Second year law student and music extraordinaire Isaac Ajala took the bronze medal with Cris Oehling Pascual and Frank Dickens taking the fourth and fifth spots respectively.