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Bristol BNOC of the year 2018: The Final

The final five- you decide

After thousands of views, hundreds of votes and dozens of entrants, you- the great Bristol studying, Tab reading public- have decided who are the final five biggest names on campus.

Below are the five names competing for your affections to wear the crown of Bristol BNOC of the year 2k18. There is no doubt that the award will bring the winner unending fame and fortune throughout the rest of their time at UOB.

Tears shall be wept, fists shall be shaken, glasses of champagne shall be raised in great frivolity. It's time to choose the campus King or Queen…

Chris Meardon, Third Year, Physics

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"Physics meme poster, President of Chaos (Physics Society), Course Rep, Peer Mentor, PASS Leader, guy who stands at the front of physics lecturers sometimes, all round top guy. Best memes and the freshest of content."

Isaac Ajala, Second Year, Law

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"Has an album on iTunes. Fired from Gravity for being a legend. Disgusting dance moves. Contested most eligible last year. He is, in the words of Robbie Williams, 'A man for all seasons, A hit with the ladies, A stallion in the sack.'"

Harry Stern, Fourth Year, Maths and Computer Science

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"Everyone's favourite deliveroo guy. Always wearing his beanie /cycling/being in brass pig. Sells Love Saves The Day tickets. Went on a night out in full deliveroo gear, said his last order was a groovy night out for all his pals. He delivered."

Frank Dickens, First Year, Politics

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"Badock’s biggest name. Insta’s biggest fame. Biggest player in the game. Frankly if you’re not following this boy on Instagram, then you haven’t done uni right."

Cris Oehling Pascual, Third Year, Physics and Philosophy

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"The best Spaniard in Physics, Chaos VP, the best course rep physics has ever seen, tab top 100 women, Keep Our Communities."