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Bristol student who fell 35 ft from bar roof wants to find the man who saved his life

All he knows is that his name is Simon

A Bristol student, who fell 35 feet from the roof of Zero Degrees bar, is now looking for the man who saved his life.

Tom Biggart has now fully recovered from the fall and has returned to uni to complete his languages degree.

Back in December 2017, at the end of a night out, Tom fell asleep on the roof of the bar.

He then fell, suffering awful injuries to both his head and leg, but was luckily found by a passer-by named Simon.

Doctors at Southmead Hospital performed lifesaving surgery on Tom, before he went into a coma for the next seven weeks.

He was then transferred to the Oxford Centre for Enablement, where he spent four months re-learning the everyday tasks we take for granted.

He returned home to Kings Sutton and underwent rehab sessions and worked as a gardener.

Since then, he's made a miraculous recovery, telling Bristol Live he feels "incredibly lucky."

Tom is now set to finish the fourth year of his language degree. He plans to graduate next summer.

But that's not enough. Tom wants to trace the man who found him on an early morning walk and saved his life as a result.

All he knows is that his name is Simon.

If you know any information, please don't hesitate to contact Tom at [email protected]

If you want to read more about Tom, he has written about his experiences following the fall which changed his life.