The Whiteladies Road gorilla has gone missing

Can you help us find Splodge?

The multicoloured gorilla that once stood proudly outside the front of the BBC Bristol building has recently gone missing.

The gorilla statue, nicknamed ‘Splodge’ has been absent from its usual spot proudly watching over drunk students stumbling towards Lizard Lounge for a few days and no-one has any idea why.

Where has it gone?

The gorilla was a local landmark for freshers wanting to snap a classy picture of their friends riding on its back reminiscing their family outings to Trafalgar square where children would insist on climbing atop one of its famous lions.

Splodge, arguably as famous a figure as Jason Donervan and that 16 bus driver that left a while ago, has disappeared with only a lonesome traffic cone left to mark its once-proud home.

The disappearances follows the recent highly controversial shooting of Harambe, a gorilla that dragged a child around his enclosure in Cincinnati Zoo last week; could the two be somehow related?

What we do know is that until it returns freshers are going to have to find some other stupid activity to do or other statue to climb on after long nights of strawpedoing VK’s in Bristol’s worst clubs.