We asked you to name your favourite Student Union officer

Lots of ‘uhs’ and ‘ums’ there

I spoke to a second year the other day who has only ever been inside the SU building once since being at Bristol. She couldn’t name a single Student Union officer and couldn’t tell me any of their roles.

So I was wondering how the rest of the university felt about the SU. Considering the Student Union is supposed to be a body representing our views, how much do we know about them?

I went to the Balloon Bar in the SU to ask people if they could tell us about their favourite student union officer. Here are their responses.

Martina, Foundation Year in Arts & Humanities

Who is my favourite SU member? Oh my gosh. Um I really don’t know – but if I can say all of them, I would. I really don’t know my favourite member I’m so sorry. The SU members might have to promote themselves a bit more.

Penny, Dentistry, second year

Uh…maybe Hannah Dualeh? She’s the widening participation officer I think.

Hannah, Law, first year

(Laughing) Uhhh, I don’t know any.

Marguerite, Politics and Business, fourth year

Don’t know any of them.

Kim, Law, third year

I’m the tech rep on the societies exec. That’s a tough choice. They’re all really good fun.

Shavena, Geography, fourth year

(Laughing) I can’t really remember. Um…I’ve seen their faces. I’m just not that good with names. I’ve seen the postgraduate officer around…she’s really nice.