Bristol Uni is paying for statues of sheep to be built around London

Count these sheep

You read that right.

In a particularly zany move, the University of Bristol is sponsoring a project placing painted sculptures of Shaun the Sheep around London.

Before you start grumbling about misplaced funding, bear in mind the “Shaun in the City” project is being used to support the lives of children in hospitals throughout the UK.

So maybe uni officials aren’t the heartless villains we thought they were.

Looks like he's had about half a gram

Looks like he’s had about half a gram

The project has led to 50 five-foot statues being placed around London, with 70 more to come to Bristol on July 6.

The colourful fella in the photo above was designed by none other than Bristol’s very own Jenny Urquhart.

So punny

So punny

Celebrities endorsing the project include David Gandy who designed his very own sheep – an achievement he’s unlikely to forget.

A similar project was undertaken in Bristol 2 years ago which explains that huge, out-of-place statue of Gromit in the Wills Memorial Building.

So out of place

Exactly what I want to see before I sit an exam

First year Ancient Historian Richard Vaughan said he supports the project. “As a fan of Shaun and his exploits, I can’t complain.”

So if you’re stumbling home from a night out, don’t soil yourself if you run into a giant sheep. It’s all for a good cause.