Cringe pamphlet saying Northerners have AIDS and fat people are ‘diseased’ distributed in Wills Hall

It also warns you not to date a ‘pricey munter’ on Valentine’s Day


A bizarre pamphlet has been distributed in Wills Hall calling fat people “diseased” and claiming Northerners will give you AIDS.

The strange publication also tells one woman to get an abortion and pictures a man “wanted for a string of sexual offences”, advising readers to call Crimestoppers.

Issues of The Oracle newspaper were passed around the freshers’ hall with a load of embarrassing articles, including one calling non-public school students “plebs, peasants and paupers”.

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One feature in the pamphlet pictures a student with the text: “Have you seen this man? He is wanted for a string of sexual offences against women.

“If you do see him, please call Crimestoppers. He is not to be approached under any circumstances.”

Oracle FINAL

An article called “Northerners All you need to know” describes the northern “infestation” in Wills and the “stench of OXO” in their rooms.

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After coming “into contact with no fewer than four Northerners”, the article reads: “As we lie awake that night, replaying the day’s events, a terrible thought hits us. ‘Do I have AIDS?’ we collectively ponder.

“As we drift into a deep slumber, we make a final mental note for morning…’Get Myself Checked’, we agree in unison.”

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Another piece advises boys not to get stuck with “pricey munters” on Valentine’s Day.

Pricey munters final

Watch out gents.