14 things you’ll only understand if you’re a law student

Bristol law students: you are not alone.


1. Every week is reading week. But with lectures, seminars and tutorials. And extra reading.



2. The hours spent unpicking double negatives, trying to understand words that have clearly been made up, and reading judgements that have literally no punctuation.

3. Trusts make you feel like this:

4. The PHYSICAL PAIN you feel when you encounter this screen as you’re halfway through reading an endless case:


5. Halfway through every single Jurisprudence seminar, you have an overwhelming urge to do this:

6. It’s amazing quite how boring some cases are. Am I genuinely reading an argument about whether or not plasterwork is classed part of a dwelling-house? Yes, yes I am, and I will be here for at least 3 hours.

7. Tutorials with professional barristers are always memorable experiences. Have definitely never emerged from one of those in a cold sweat.

8. “I’m hoping for a first this year.”

9. When you find out your seminar is in Wills in room 5.68 you’re all like:

10. Absolutely typical.

Stupid abstracts.

11. You’ll always remember the first time you read R v Brown.

12. Nothing lifts the spirits quite like the magic words: “Unfortunately, there isn’t much case law in this area.”

13. Oh! Lots of Arts students in the law library today!

14. It may be stressful now, but at least when you’ve got your degree you’ll never have to read a case again! Oh wait…