6 weird and wonderful societies

From fighting zombies to fighting with Pokemon, our pick of the most unusual societies

Is the DJ society a bit too mainstream for you? Can’t be arsed with politics? Lacking the physical prowess required to play sport? Never fear, The Tab has ventured off the beaten track to seek out some of Bristol’s more unusual student groups.

From fighting with Nerf guns, to fighting with massive blades (ish), we present to you The Tab‘s top six weird and wonderful societies.

Pokemon Trainers Society

Why join: Because everybody loves nostalgia, and it doesn’t get any better than Pokemon. Card and video game tournaments are organised regularly.

Members: 200 people signed up last year

Price: £2.00



Why join: Because Dinosaurs are awesome apparently. It’s also the only society of its type across the whole of the UK as far as they know so if fossil-hunting is your thing then get involved.

Members: Over 150 signed up this year

Price: £3.00


BUZAN (Bristol University Zombie Apocalypse Network)

Why join: It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If organised Nerf battles in the Anson Rooms are your scene then be sure to make an appearance. Be warned though, we were told to expect to make enemies out on the field. Sounds intense.

Members: 20-25 regulars

Price: 3.00


 Rag Morris and Folk Club

Why join: The Tab was promised free beer and apparently there’s a meal in a cave. You get to make your own costume, and they also danced at the Olympics closing ceremony.

Members: 20-30 regulars

Price: Free

Hot Air Ballooning Society

Why join: Because there’s no better way to see Bristol than in a big red balloon. Aside from anything else it promises to be an uplifting experience.

Members: 250 flew last year

Price: £25.00 to join, £20.00 per flight on top.


 Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Society

Why join: Because that’s the finest piece of steel the Tab has ever seen. Training is led by a 34th generation Shaolin monk, and anyone is welcome.

Members: 20-25 regulars

Price: Free