Drive Your Friends Mad

Fed up of students with cars? Some students have been taking the law into their own hands…

Battling for parking spaces, paying for petrol, constantly being asked for a lift: being a student with a car isn’t easy. When your friends turn on you though, it gets even harder!

One evening at pre-drinks Jim found his car keys in his pocket. Worried he might be tempted to drive drunk to Pam Pam to avoid a taxi fare, he asked Lewis, who wasn’t going out, to look after them.

Lewis wanted an early night as he was flying to Edinburgh the next morning for a few days. As he walked home, he realised he’d just been given a free way of getting to the airport.

Jim woke up the next day with what he described as ‘the mother of all hangovers’. Rolling over in bed, he checked his phone. This was the first thing he saw on his phone:

‘Hiding’ at Bristol Airport

His car. At Bristol Airport. Not outside his house where it should be. Lewis, having driven the car to the airport, had hopped on his flight and left the country.

Jim told The Tab he felt ‘betrayed’ but has eventually managed to see the funny side.

Jim’s not the only person to find their car targeted this term. After a raucous night on the Triangle, a load of second years headed back for a bit of an after party. One of their number, Brian, was already in a bit of a state and so called it an early night.

To punish the lad for his poor stamina, his friends decided it would be a laugh to jack up his car and hide the tyres. This is the sight he was greeted with the next morning:

Not going anywhere in a hurry

Brian’s initial reaction was one of ‘shock’ but upon closer inspection he ‘realised no damage had been done and was able to enjoy the joke’, even admitting it ‘was a very good one’.

Needless to say, he’s been the last to bed since.

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Disclaimer: The Tab does not condone vandalism or grand theft auto, but that’s not to say we’ll alert the authorities…

*Names have been changed at the request of students involved