UBTV: Picks Of The Week

This week UBTV bring us live music as well as more drunken misbehaving!

Each week, the lovely people over at UBTV will be hand-picking their best content to share with Tab readers.


This week UBTV’s Freshers coverage comes to an end at Bunker’s new Friday night Jam. Expect all the usual drunken shenanigans. As if that wasn’t enough there’s also live music from Tidy Street in their Rooftop Session.

Jam @ Bunker

UBTV Says: Although this won’t be our last video of a rowdy night out it is the video that marks the end of our complete focus on Freshers.

Filming the antics of the Bristol Freshers of 2012 has been an enlightening experience. Reliving Freshers is often aided by being as equally as intoxicated as the Freshers but if you are filming them for UBTV you must remain professional and sober.

What strikes you when filming a Bristol night out whilst sober is that everything you would associate with a stereotypical boozy night out happens.  You see everything that you anticipate seeing. Bouncers hauling the overexcited from the dancefloor, friends supporting those that have over done it down the stairs into a taxi, those that have been kicked out pleading for re entry and plenty of over affectionate couples.

The same thing happens in each venue each night. There have been some awkward moments. One such moment was when after following one fellow who was having a particularly successful stint with various ladies we were informed that this ‘lad’  was a taken man…

There are those that love the camera and those that don’t.  On the whole it doesn’t require much persuasion to entice people into pulling some shapes for the camera and even attempting headstands in packed clubs.

The incredible one-liners that seem to require no prompting from any of our presenters seem to fall out of peoples mouths once a few drinks have gone in.

Rooftop Sessions: Tidy Street

UBTV Says: Tidy Street are an indie-folk band made up of Bristol students with gigs popping up here there and everywhere.

Our awesome UBTV music department will continue to gain unfettered access to the Bristol music scene including Oxjam and the Day of the Dead Festival on the 27th of October.

The music department is already making huge steps into integrating UBTV into the Bristol music scene. This pick of the week is an illustration of the direction that UBTV is heading.

We are moving away from filming drunken nights out (but not neglecting them) to produce the programming that has been missing from Bristol. We have a full schedule of programming coming out at an alarming rate, containing something for everyone.

However, if you think there isn’t anything for you, then why not make something for you. If you feel you can do better please get in touch.