This is what your choice of drink at Buffalo bar says about you

Choose carefully – it’ll unwittingly reveal a lot about your personality

Welcome to Buffalo, land of the £2.50 double on Tuesdays and Thursdays. From the pool table, jukebox, taxidermied animals and other artefacts from owner Tom’s travels, the bar is beloved by the residents of Winton.

But did you know that your favourite alcoholic beverage can actually reveal a lot about your personality? This is what your drink of chouse at Buffalos says about you:

Coconut rum coke

You’re probably freshly 18 and just gone off vodka after one too many bottles of the cheap nasty stuff. You’re also probably unaware that juice mixers are included in the deal.

Coconut rum pineapple

You’ll be sick of this within the week, and you’re deliberately ordering this within earshot of your date.

Coconut rum pineapple blackcurrant

You’re a member of staff, as the good people of Buffalo haven’t discovered this yet. It’s incredibly sweet but popular with everyone who has tried it.

Dark rum coke

You probably had a collection of traffic cones and road signs in your first year. You study economics.

Dark rum lemonade

A bit weird, just like your drink preferences. You probably wear a leather jacket as you order this and have a mullet.

Gin lemonade

Lethal but respectable. You probably play netball, will be crying in the toilet by the end of the night and will be suffering from this hangover for the next three – five business days.

Gin lemonade blackcurrant

You’re probably new to gin, and this is a great introduction. You wear cool chunky rings and parachute pants.

Gin Redbull

You are terrifying. The bar staff are scared of what you’ll do next.

Gin tonic

Unless you’re old or a smoker, there’s no reason to enjoy such a bitter drink when there are many enjoyable alternatives. Is everything alright at home?

Peach schnapps lemonade

You may need to get your ID checked again because no one over the age of 16 orders this.

Peach schnapps, orange cranberry

Another staff special, the equivalent of ordering the secret off-menu items at your local coffee shop. You’ve worn Doc Martens since you were 12.

Negroni sbagliato

Only joking. We don’t serve that here.

Vodka apple

You go to AUB and have impeccable style.

Vodka blackcurrant lemonade

It’s growing in popularity for a reason, and you’re probably feeling more adventurous. You’re also wearing a claw clip and white jeans.

Vodka coke

Save the staff the tedious job of making this drink 100s of times every night and order something less basic.

Vodka cranberry

Not over or underrated, popular for a good reason. You may have a slight burning when on the toilet, and you’re slyly hoping this will flush it away.

Vodka diet coke

You’re probably a gym rat, in which case I’ll let you off for your lack of taste as you’re rarely here.

Vodka lemonade

Slightly less basic than coke, but you could definitely be more creative. Stop playing it safe! You definitely own a pair of Adidas sliders.

Vodka lemonade lime

You definitely study marketing and enjoy a slick centre-part bun, and have your life entirely together. Good for you!

Vodka orange

A step up from vodka cranberry. You probably study business and wear Stone Island.

Vodka water

You know who you are and revel in the disgusted looks this earns you.

Vodka Redbull

You’re going to Toast after this, and you want to make sure your energy levels are kept up. You’ll probably regret this at 8am when you haven’t slept for your 9am lecture.

Vodka soda lime

You have fantastic taste. Everyone’s favourite drink.

Whiskey apple

Good luck discerning what your glass is filled with if you accidentally leave this on the side in the bathroom. Apple compliments the whiskey well and is one of the more unusual orders. You probably studied something creative and skipped PE in school for smoking behind the bike sheds.

Whiskey coke

A classic choice. If I had to guess, you study literature or engineering and have yet to realise that you can order a fruity drink and still be taken seriously. You probably bank with RBS.

Whiskey ginger ale

Off-brand dark ‘n’ stormy, you have excellent taste! You’ll probably end your night in Anvil with the rest of the alternative souls.

Whiskey on the rocks

This is the first time you’ve ordered neat whiskey here, and you’re going to quickly realise why it needs a mixer or you’re trying to impress someone.

White rum pineapple

You holiday in tropical climates and probably still have a shell anklet hanging on for dear life around your ankle that you make sure stays visible outside your air forces.

White rum soda lime

You’ve come to the wrong place if you want a mojito, but you have a sophisticated palette. You probably drink wine on school nights and wear oversized blazers to the bar.

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