10 things you only know if you’ve ever lived in an all girls uni flat

Living in an all girls uni flat can’t be that bad, right?

Picture this, after two long hard years you’ve finally completed your A levels. Enjoying your well-deserved summer holiday and counting down the days until you eventually move to your new home away from home. Within a matter of time, you’re left to live with a group of strangers, who you will hopefully call your best friends.

Living in an all-girls flat comes with highs and lows. Guaranteed you might not click with everyone at first, but after some time you’ll all become close friends. From the good and the bad, this is what it’s really like living in an all-girls uni flat:

1. Periods in sync

As you can imagine a group of girls living together for a lengthy period of time, you’ll soon come to realise that everyone’s periods have managed to sync up. This means wasting your money ordering a load of junk food. Do you need the food? No. But do you want the food? Yes!

Well, at least there will be plenty of sanitary products to share.

2. Cute decorations

Girls know how to decorate, we just do. With your flatmates you start investing in cute pillows and blankets together, slowly making the kitchen more like a living room. Don’t forget the fairy lights hanging across the windows and walls, they’re basically a necessity.

3. Endless chitchat

An all-girls flat can only mean one thing, 24/7 chitchat. No matter the time of day or night, there is always someone to talk to.

4. Overpacked fridge

The fridge is overpacked with food. It’s like playing a food version of jigsaw, trying to find ways for all the food to fit into the fridge. At least no one will ever be hungry.

5. Future chef in making

Talking about food, there is bound to be someone who is an amazing cook or baker, I mean they could basically be a professional chef at this point. Might as well sign them up to Come Dine With Me whilst we’re at it.

6. Spotless flat

A perk that can come with living in an all-girls flat is that at least us girls know how to tidy up after ourselves, this means having a clean flat with no dishes piled up. Minus the bins. Literally, no one wants to take the bins out, but we won’t talk about that.

7. Hair everywhere

Living with girls can be clean and tidy but there is one slight exception. There is hair everywhere, literally everywhere. From hallway doors to kitchen floors. We’re all practically moulting at this point.

8. Late-night grocery shops

Missed out something on your shopping earlier in the week, or are you just craving that Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough? Then late-night trips to your nearest grocery shop with your flatmates is the way to go.

9. Sharing laundry

Doing your laundry not only takes so much time but is so expensive, especially if you have so little to wash. Sharing your laundry with your flatmates saves both time and money, it’s a win-win situation really.

10. #freethenipple

The final perk about living in an all-girls uni flat is that it doesn’t matter what you’re dressed like. Old pajamas ripped with multiple holes, who cares? Most importantly not having to wear a bra all day, I mean it is the 21st century afterall. #freethenipple

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