Bournemouth gin company turns wasted alcohol into hand sanitiser

Spillage isn’t lickage after all

alcohol Bournemouth Gin

Conker Spirit, a Southbourne based gin distillery, revealed today that they’ve now produced their first 100 bottles of ‘Community Spirit Hand Sanitiser’.

The Gin is distilled and bottled by Conker Spirit at Dorset’s first gin distillery and is made using ‘New Forest Spring Water with botanicals from across the Dorset coast and New Forest.’

As you can imagine it’s not the sort of drink you’ll be getting at Lollipop Tuesday’s anytime soon and costs a bit more than your average Tesco own brand bottle of gin. However, when you get your next loan payment and you decide to live like royalty for the week it’s a great summer drink.

Conker Spirit Founder, Rupert Holloway said:  “As spirits are produced, there’s always the first part of the spirit that comes over the still which doesn’t go into the bottle.”

“It’s the most volatile part of the alcohol. For a long time, we’ve been keeping that and not really had a use for it.”

“We thought, half our product goes into independent bars and shops and delis. They’re going to be in some very troubled waters in the next two to three months – as are we, if I’m honest,”

“It felt like something we had to do. We’re sitting on this stuff and everybody was asking about it.”

The first bottles have already been dispatched to local businesses and Mr Holloway has already had a request from a GP surgery.

You can find out more about the Dorset made gin here