Emily Bray

Emily Bray
Bournemouth University


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The best TikToks of NHS workers making the most of life right now

They’re saving lives AND having fun

BU Fusion building to be turned into halls

Where am I going to get my diss pic now?!

Feeling useless in the pandemic? Here’s how you can easily help your local community

We can’t all be NHS heroes but there are things you can do to help

Bournemouth gin company turns wasted alcohol into hand sanitiser

Spillage isn’t lickage after all

Attempted murder inquiry after 18-year-old is stabbed on Old Christchurch Road

An 18-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after Old Christchurch Road stabbing

Body of missing man found in Riverside Avenue, Bournemouth

The body has been found in connection with the search for missing man, Adrian Malesa

Oh Christ! Now people at Bournemouth Uni are getting mumps

It’s spread through saliva so I’d suggest not minesweeping for the next few weeks

Bournemouth University to remain ‘open as usual’ despite coronavirus panic

‘PHE has advised that the risk to our students, staff and visitors remains low’

Xchange in Triangle could be losing its alcohol licence

Bournemouth police say the bar is ‘falling far short of the level expected’

Students call out ‘racist’ Bournefessions post about coronavirus in Oxford Point

‘It’s poorly concealed Xenophobia piggybacking on the coronavirus scare’

Coronavirus: Bournemouth Asda shelves left empty by people stockpiling loo roll

They’re buying so many baked beans I’m not surprised they need it

A Bournemouth University student has been diagnosed with coronavirus

They have been told to self-isolate

Bournemouth gym evacuated after member tests positive for coronavirus

There are now 35 cases confirmed in the southwest

Pupils at school 20 minutes from BU told to self-isolate due to coronavirus

Parents are asking for the school to be deep cleaned

Stranger Things actress returns to Bournemouth

TV star, Millie Bobby Brown, has made a return to her childhood hometown.

Greggs customer ‘rips counter apart’ after dropping £1

He ‘ripped the bakery counter apart’ after dropping £1 whilst trying to buy a pastry

Man pleads not guilty following alleged sexual assault in Lower Bournemouth Gardens

Defendant was charged with Rape and an attack causing grievous bodily harm

There is a Healthy Pot Noodle, and This is The Man Behind it

Damien Lee: four time cancer survivor, single father and successful entrepreneur

A ‘Pot Shop’ has Opened in Bournemouth…but it’s not what you think

‘Pot Shop’ causes controversy amongst local residents

Bournemouth University will not be calling students back from Hong Kong

The university will ‘monitor’ the situation

Bournemouth WON’T be visited by the Coca-Cola truck this Christmas

For the first time in nine years ,Bournemouth has been left off the trucks list

Turtle Bay is giving away free cocktails for anyone graduating in November

Now to drink away the fear of paying back your loan

Man dies in Boscombe Chine Gardens during Bournemouth Marathon

Unconscious man pronounced dead near Bournemouth Marathon Course