Oh Christ! Now people at Bournemouth Uni are getting mumps

It’s spread through saliva so I’d suggest not minesweeping for the next few weeks

The BU community have been informed today that several students and a member of staff have contracted the mumps virus.

The email sent to Law and Humanities students read: “We have some students and a member of staff in the wider Faculty community who have recently contracted mumps. I’m not aware of anyone in our department who has this condition.”

We were all warned about the virus before starting University and offered the MMR vaccination, so if you haven’t yet been stabbed in the arm and don’t fancy spending the next few weeks looking like a hamster I’d suggest going to see your GP. here’s everything you need to know:

The Symptoms

It’s usually recognised by the painful swelling of glands at the side of the face. People also report having a headache, fever and joint pain.

How to prevent getting it

If you’ve not heard this enough over the last few weeks here it is again; Wash. Your. Hands.
You’ve had it drilled into you since the age of two so it should be second nature by now.

The MMR Vaccine is also a great way to protect yourself against the virus but if you’re an anti-vaxer now’s the time to take your chances and prove us all wrong!

What to do if you get it

If you do find that you’ve got the mumps and you’ve not just put on a few a lbs, then it’s really important you let the university know immediately. It’s a condition that Public Health England needs to be notified about, because they haven’t got enough to deal with at the moment.

So although if you do get the mumps you’ll end up looking like a hamster for a while, you do get five days off Uni. Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose!

Disclaimer: The guy in the featured image is not from Bournemouth Uni. If you are at BU and want to share your mumpiness with us, drop us a message on Facebook.